Over several years of development and modifications, we are confident that we've come up with the perfect product! We use it on our boats, ATVs, vehicles, and around the house on glass surfaces with great success allowing us more time to do the things we enjoy! Parrot Shine is a bio-friendly, anti-microbial UV-Protective and Micro-Bonding agent that provides protection on all surfaces that is fast and easy to apply, no wait time, no "wax-on, wax-off", just Spray, Rinse, Protected! We are confident that you too can benefit from our hard work.
Now that we apply Parrot Shine regularly we only have to wax our toys half as often...avoiding mid-summer waxings. Parrot Shine is by no means going to take a chalked out dirty boat look like new, but once you clean and wax your boat or vehicle, Parrot Shine is designed to help make your hard work last that much longer!