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Parrot Shine is a Revolutionary Spray-On, Rinse-Off Boat and Vehicle Protectant!
  • Anti-microbial
  • Biologically friendly
  • UV protective
  • Wax enhancing
  • Micro-bonding agent 
Parrot Shine is a concentrated formula that is easy and safe to use on all surfaces of your boat, vehicle, motorcycle, and RV!  Our motto is, "Why buy the water!"  By mixing it yourself, you can select the sprayer that is most appropriate for your needs.  A 16 oz. bottle of Parrot Shine will make 4 gallons, which will provide 16 applications (based on a 25' boat).  Basically, clean your boat or vehicle as you normally would , then mix Parrot Shine concentrate with water in a spray bottle or pump sprayer, spray down wet clean surfaces, wait a few minutes, and then rinse off.  That's all you have to do, it's that easy!  Safe for use on paint, gel-coat, fiberglass, non-skid, vinyl, upholstery, canvas, plastic, polished aluminum, stainless steel, and glass!
Parrot Shine bonds to all surfaces and lasts up to 30 days. Water beads off, blood, salt, dirt and grime rinse off, and you only have to wax your boat half as often!  It makes clean up the next time much easier, and you no longer have to waste money on harsh chemicals!  A simple wash, a light scrub, and Parrot Shine is all you need to keep your boat and vehicle clean and protected! 
Parrot Shine will not create slippery or dangerous surfaces and is bio-friendly so it can be used anywhere.  Plus, the more often you use it, the better it works:  The Ultimate Protectant! 
Use it once, see it work, and you'll be Hooked!

Parrot Shine 16 oz. Parrot Shine 32 oz.
Parrot Shine 16 oz.
Our Price: $15.95
Parrot Shine 32 oz.
Our Price: $29.95
This 16oz. bottle of concentrate Parrot Shine makes 4 gallons!
Mix 4oz. with 1 gallon of water in a pump sprayer!
Concentrated, so you don't pay for water!
Provides 16 applications (based on a 25' boat) 
This 32oz. bottle of concentrate Parrot Shine makes 8 gallons!
Mix 4oz. with 1 gallon of water in a pump sprayer!
Concentrated, so you don't pay for water!
Provides 32 applications (based on a 25' boat)