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"I had the privilege to use Parrot Shine before it went to market. After a couple of applications the blood and salt were easier to remove, this meant less time in the sun while cleaning the boat. It is interesting how much hotter it is at the house compared to on the water! Try it - I think you will like it!" -Bo W. - Stuart, FL 
"This product is the cat's meow-It works really well!" -Eric P. - Palm City, FL
"Parrot Shine works awesome! Thanks for an awesome product!" -Marcus A. - Stuart, FL 
"Just wanted to let you know I tried the Parrot Shine on my truck (boat still in the shop) yesterday before coming over here to the west coast and it worked awesome! I love not having to dig out the towels to dry off the truck. It beads up awesome. It worked awesome on the lovebugs, all I had to do was hose them off and towel dry. No hard scrubbing like usual!" -Jeff J. - Port St. Lucie, FL
"I used Parrot Shine on my motorhome, and it works Great!  It is so easy to apply on such a large surface, and my motorhome looks Brand NEW!" -Bob M. - Colorado/Florida 
"I recently bought the large bottle of Parrot Shine and am completely satisfied with your product. My car looks amazing. I will recommend it to all of my friends. I also used your product on an older car and it brought back the shine beautifully!" -Alice B. - South Florida

"I used Parrot Shine on my Fishing Team's vehicles and the next day we found ourselves driving through rain on our way to an event. The Parrot Shine application made the water bead up and slide right off the car. Rain usually makes our work harder because of bugs after the storm; not with Parrot Shine. We simply sprayed the car with the hose and the bugs washed right off, no scrubbing necessary. Parrot Shine makes our vehicle maintenance easier, our team will absolutely continue to use this product." -Ryan, Hookin 'N' Bookin Fishing Team, Palm Beach Florida